Friday 16 September 2016

Acts 19:20 : “So mightily grew the word of the Lord and prevailed”.

Yesterday we talked about the concept of allowing God’s word to increase in our lives. If you are to grow in Christ, and if God is to stretch out your sphere of influence, then something must be working on the inside of your soul to cause the enlargement to take place. Growth is not a miracle. It is the result of something. If you want to grow then you must do what is necessary to make that happen.

The Greek word in this text translated as « mightily » could also be translated as vigor, strength, or dominion. So the Word of God was being enlarged with vigor, strength and dominion. And the Word « prevailed. » In other words it had the ability and power to overcome all obstacles.

Yesterday we looked at the importance of allowing the Word of God to grow in you. Today we want to focus on how to let the Word of God grow outside of you so that it prevails against all things exterior.

We see in the text the results of the Word of God prevailing: the disciples were exercising great authority over demonic powers so that many who practiced witchcraft came and confessed their sins and burned their demonic books and artifacts; a great fear of God – and probably a fear of the apostles – came upon all the people.

As we grow in Christ and His word grows in us we begin to exercise more and more authority in the word around us. We go from being like lambs in the midst of wolves, to becoming lions in the midst of wolves! Rather than the powers of darkness being the dominant force in the world, it becomes the power of God’s kingdom that becomes the dominant force.

It is good that we gather together on Sunday to worship God in the safety of our church building. But God intends to cause His word to grow in us so that He can enlarge us outside in the world that so desperately needs what we have. Very few Christians ever grow to the place spiritually where they begin to see the word of God prevailing in their natural surroundings. Most of us use God’s word just to make our personal lives more comfortable.

But God has a mission for each of us; and that means allowing God’s word to begin to impact the world that is around us.

Step one: begin today by praying for your colleagues, friends and family members.

Step two: ask the Holy Spirit to set up situations where you can share naturally the principles of God’s word.

Step three: when the opportunity arises don’t just quote out of the Bible. Demonstrate first the scripture, then if given the right moment share the principle of the Bible. You can talk all about the Bible without saying, the Bible says that…

Step four: discern what the spiritual climat is and where there is a demonic power that needs to be bound through prayer. Now if God does show you something don’t just go around and out loud start binding the demons. Go home and start praying against them.


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