Friday 9 September 2016

by David Rouxel

Luke 13:19  » It is like a grain of mustard seed which a man took and put in his garden, and it became a tree, and the birds of heaven made their resting places in its branches. « 

Jesus, at the time of this text, was ministering as He walked to Jerusalem.  he explained the Kingdom of Heaven with parables to teach the crowd that was following Him.

The “mustard seed” was meaningful because at that time it directly referred to something extremely small.  (Today we would more probably talk about atoms.) this seed that is so small in our hands can become a tree.  Jesus compared that seed to a word that is planted in a man’s heart (his secret garden) and then becomes a tree, something solid on which birds can rest.

In Matthew 6:26, it is said that we are worth more than these birds, for they don’t sow, neither do they harvest, and yet they are still nourished.  Not only does the Lord tell us that we are more important than these creatures, but in Luke He tells us that if we let ourselves be fashioned by His word, then He uses us to make other creatures live around us.

The Kingdom of God starts with seeds that grow and gain their strength when they let God work through them.  May we have faith that the word of God holds a seed of life.  Let it be enlarged within us, to make our garden be as it was in Eden : a garden that is worthy of our Creator, and a garden that represents the new creation that we are thanks to Jesus Christ, the son of Man.

I want to encourage you today to make a conscious decision that this year you will allow God to stretch your faith beyond anything you have known until now.  That may mean that new challenges will come your way.  But growth, sometimes, is not easy.  Let’s make this year one in which our faith grows into a great tree which is a blessing to many.


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