Monday 14 September 2015

The Feast of Trumpets

Numbers 29:1 “And in the seventh month, on the first day of the month, ye shall have a holy convocation; ye shall do no servile work: it is a day of blowing of trumpets unto you (Terouah in Hebrew). »

The feast of Rosh Hoshana, called the Feast of Trumpets(Yom Terouah) or the Day of Judgment (Yom HaDin) is celebrated the 1st and 2nd days of the month of ichri. (Lev. 23 : 23-25 and Num. 29 : 1-6). In Hebrew,« Rosh Hoshana » literally means “the head, the leader, the chief, the boss, or the prince of the year.” It is in this sense that this days incarnates the start of the year et it is presented as a royal feast.

Why toes the year begin in the 7th month according to scripture, and not in the first month of the calendar? To show us that the year is not governed by natural laws but by supernatural laws. According to Jewish tradition, this feast marks the birth of humanity at the creation of Adam and Eve. They were both created to reign, which underline the unique relationship bettes God and Man.  During the two days of this feast, all human beings are judged by God according to their actions, either good or bad.  This is when God decides the main points of each person’s destiny, depending on how each individual used their free will.

The central theme of this feast is not forgiveness but the crowning of God.  A coronation is a solemn and extravagant ceremony.  Whatever sadness one may feel because of past actions dissipates to give way to the frame of mind caused by His coronation : recognising that our Heavenly Father is King.  Doesn’t the Lord’s Prayer reveal that His kingdom is to come before we ask Him to forgive our offenses?  Furthermore, on that day, repentance isn’t meant to be just ordinary, like a regret or remorse about the past and a resolution for the future, but rather« téchouva » in the deepest sense : the return of a soul that has been damaged and exiled by sin to its true Source : Abba in Aramaic, which means Daddy.

Our acceptance of Yeshua as King seated on the throne of our hearts produces His desire to regenerate both us and the world that surrounds us.  Beyond the corporate aspects of the celebration, each of us is invited to ask Him personally te recreate in us the thoughts, words, actions and feelings crowned with His wisdom.  The scholars of Israël for generations  have said to the Jewish people : “If we attain the process of regeneration, a new world can be created.”  When He reigns in us, we in turn will begin to reign in life! Shana Tova !!


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