Monday 29 September 2014

Psalm 51:10 « Create in me a clean heart… »

In Hebrews 11:3 we read that when God created the heavens and the earth He took those things that are not seen and from them He created the things that are seen.  In other words there were things already existing in the heavenly realms that God used to create the things in this realm.  Light, or something very similar to our sun’s light, already existed in the heavenly realm.  God used that to make the light in this realm.

So when David asked God to create a new heart in him, he is not asking for God to just come and heal his heart. He isn’t asking for deliverance from the evil in his heart.  David is not even asking God to renew his heart.  No, David wants a brand new heart.  He wants a heart that doesn’t yet exist here on this earth.  He wants a heart that comes from heaven.  He wants God to create in him a heart that exists in heaven, but not yet in him.

God, and God alone, possesses the power of creation.  Man can improve on what God has done. But man cannot create from something that isn’t seen on this earth.  And herein lies the fundamental difference between a God-centered message and a man-centered message.

God has the power to come and create in us a heart that is completely new.  He speaks a word over us. It is a word of salvation; a word of creation.  And a new heart is formed in us that isn’t of our own doing; nor could a man ever envision creating such a pure heart in such a soiled vessel.  And yet God comes and in response to our repentance and faith does in us what we could not do for Him before.  He gives us a new heart.

It is a heart that desires God’s holiness, and doesn’t perceive it as an obligation, but as a joy.  It is a heart that loves God’s presence more than life on this earth; and it doesn’t want to spoil such precious communion by indulging in the pleasures of this life that lead us away from God.  It is a heart that smells evil before it knocks at the door of our conscience.  And so it is always leading us away from the path of the evil one.

This is the heart that God longs to create in you today.  But you must remember there is not enough room in your soul for two hearts.  You cannot hold on to a heart that is attached to this world and allow God to create in you a new heart.  Abandon your world-loving heart; it is full of the cancer of this world.  And ask God right now to create in you a new, heaven-loving heart.


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