Monday 6 October 2014

After his sin, king David did not need someone screaming at him, “Come on brother; get in the joy of God!”  David needed God to restore something that was lost and broken.  And, truth be told, you really never know the true joy of God until your heart is broken.

It is when life gives you every reason to cry and despair that you walk into those special moments when God comes to you and touches you.  He restores hope that tomorrow will be better than yesterday; and He lets you know that He will make sure you get through today.  Then your joy can be restored.

David prayed in Psalm 51, Restore to me the joy of Your salvation.  However, this verse could be better translated as, “Restore me to the joy of your salvation.”

The word restore literally means “to turn back” and carries the feeling of coming back to something that was lost.  David was actually saying, “Turn me back again to the joy of Your salvation.  That joy that I used to have.  I want it again.”

He is asking God here to bring him back once again to the joy of walking fully in the holy covenants of the God of Israel.  He is pleading that God would once again bring him back to the joy of the divine presence of the Almighty.  He wants to return to that first love and confidence that he so often spoke of in his earlier Psalms.

Most of God’s people today are also caught up in a great battle.  There are pleasures that the world promises to give us if we will just compromise our values and lower our guard.  The world isn’t asking for much.  It just wants us to diminish our passion, and not be quite so radical about serving God.

King David threw away his joy in God for a brief moment of pleasure in the flesh.  Once he walked down that road that leads to pleasure, the way back to joy became very difficult.

David had tasted of the pleasures of this world.  He drank deeply from its cup.  And consequently he lost sight of the path leading back to the place of joy.  Once we taste of the pleasures of sin and the things of this world our “spiritual pallette” is spoiled, tainted, and poisoned.  If we continue walking in sin we can lose all memory of the pleasures in God’s presence.

However, God is raising up a new generation of those who realize that sacrificing things in this world is not at all a sacrifice when compared to the glory that God is willing and wanting to pour out on those who will seek Him. You are part of this generation. You were born to run with the shift, to fight with the mighty and to build with the strong. In your heart there is a sound, a voice. It is heaven calling to you, beckoning you to come closer to the fire in God’s heart.  Go on.  Run to Him.  Go higher up, and further in.  And don’t ever look back and mourn for those who chose not to follow you.


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