Monday 7 September 2015

Romans 6:12-14 « Therefore, sin must not reign over your mortal bodies so that you obey their desires. And do not present the parts of your bodies to sin as weapons for wickedness, but present yourselves to God as raised from the dead to life and the parts of your bodies to God as weapons for righteousness. For sin is not to have any power over you, since you are not under the law but under grace. » (NAB)

This is the first full day of the fast; and I want you to know that God is going to do a great work in your life during this fast.  Even if your body starts to rebel against your new diet, I know that you will push through the hunger pangs and enter into a new dimension of God’s amazing grace!

In writing to the Christians in Rome Paul said that sin should not rule over your physical body so that you would give into the desires of your flesh.  The Greek word translated at the end of verse 12 as « desires » literally means: to long for that which is forbidden

If you and I were driving down the road in a car and I suddenly shouted out, « Oh, my gosh. Don’t look to the left! »  What would be your natural reflex?  You would want to look left.  Whenever God says to us, Child don’t touch that!  Our flesh suddenly wants nothing more than to do what we know we shouldn’t do.  There is something that is just so tempting about the forbidden fruit that makes it nearly akin to torture to not give in and get at least a little taste.

You see, my dear friend, our greatest battle is NOT with the devil or with his menions.  Our greatest battle is with the very desires that are resident within our own flesh! And the only way we will be finally, and fully delivered will be when we leave this body and receive our new body in paradise.

Nevertheless, Paul exhorts us to present your bodies to God as weapons for righteousness.  The life of righteousness is a battle, there is nothing easy about it.  And though it is a difficult fight at times, it is a battle that we are destined to win!

During these three weeks there will be numerous things in your life that God will highlight in a heavenly desire to change and transform.  I’d like to encourage you right now to make a note of what things in your life need to come into line with God’s word and God’s nature.  Pray over these things today, and ask God to manifest His grace in these areas of your life.


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