Saturday 10 September 2016

by Daniel Stocky

Psalm 4:1 « Hear me when I call O God of my righteousness: thou hast enlarged me when I was in distress, have mercy upon me and hear my prayer. »

Life is not always like a tranquil river following its course … and saying so is by no means a lack of faith, only a good understand of the world in which we live.  David knew ,any trials and even when he had been anointed in the will of God, he encountered quite a few situations where he was on the brink of death more than once.  However, throughout his life, he developed a good reflex which was to seek God for help.

Seeking the help of God does not boil down to waiting on God to solve the problem of the moment, or to eliminate the difficulty at hand but thought these various challenges we need to develop a capacity to see the impossible become possible.

I cannot help but compare this prayer of David to the passage of Jesus’ life which we read in Matthew 9:18-26 where we can see in just a few verses, that while Jesus is teaching, he is interrupted by a father whose daughter is sick.  While Jesus journeys to her, he is pushed around by the crowd and is yet again interrupted by the woman with the flow of blood.  She was seeking to draw healing power from him.

Why is this a parallel?  I find that it illustrates that Jesus had a life just like ours.  We are going on with our lives and suddenly unforeseen circumstances force us to change our plans. Sometimes life can push us about and require of us something beyond that we have not been prepared for.  Yet, in the midst of these situations, Jesus bore great fruit.  Not only was the woman with the flow of blood healed when she touched Jesus’ garment, the little girl was also healed.

Shouldn’t we also live like Jesus did?

What if things in my life do not go as I had planned?  And what if unforeseen circumstances come and disturb my plans and my projects?  Do I still bear the fruit that God expects from me?  Or do I just complain and blame others for my circumstances?  Am I ready to consider change to my plans, knowing that the disturbances of life are the training grounds on which God wants to use me to bless others?

I believe the Lord not only allows disturbance in our life, He actually inspires it.  He wants to enlarge us, but to do so He must teach us how to remain in His peace.  So I exhort you today to endure the various challenges of life by asking God for increased grace.  Decide today that no matter what changes you must embrace today, you will bear good fruit for His glory. And above all else, despite the stress you may experience, decide that you will not allow your soul to spew out toxic feelings likes anger, or discouragement.  But you will keep your eyes on Jesus, knowing that He is enlarging you, and you will impart peace and blessing to those around you.


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