Sunday 11 October 2014

Congratulations for finishing the Daniel Fast.  You are stronger now, closer to God and more convinced of your calling in God.  So where do you go now?

In order to preserve the gains you have acquired in the past three weeks and to insure they continue throughout the year I encourage you to do the following:

Step One: Start small and work up. As you acquire the discipline in the small thing, then progress to larger things.

Step Two: Set goals. Let me say again, faith needs a target. Your goals should be realistic.  And they should be small in the beginning and lead to bigger things later on.

Step Three: Measure your progress. You have to keep track of how you are doing because it will help you make adjustments along the way.

Step Four: Celebrate the victories.  This is such an important part of discipline.  Why do you think they give medals to winning athletes?  Victories must be celebrated.  It is the celebration that feeds your inspiration, which then leads to greater desire.

I strongly challenge you to take time today and write down where you want to be in one year.  And when the Daniel Fast starts next year look and see how you did.

This year will be a full and exciting year for you.  Remember, if problems arise, weaknesses manifest, and darkness presses in around you, stay full of His presence and keep your eyes on Him. Should you fail, don’t get obsessed with the failure.  God’s isn’t.  He’s obsessed with His love for you, and His overwhelming desire to pick you up, brush you off and get you going again.  He is for you, and never against you.

He died for you.  So live for Him.  He gave all for you. So give your all for Him.  And watch Him do miracles for you and through you.  Your transformation has begun.  Now let it take root and continue.  And you shall be a source of transformation in the world.


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