Sunday 9 September 2012

Zachariah 2:13 « Be still before the Lord, all mankind, because he has roused (awakened) himself from his holy dwelling. » NIV

All truth in God is held in a divine balance between two seemingly contradictory facts.  For example: on one side we know that God never changes; He is the same today, yesterday, and for all eternity to come.  And yet there are moments in time when God “arouses” Himself to do a particular thing in a particular moment of time.

We also know that prayer is a constant communing with God that never stops, not even while we sleep.  And yet there are moments when God calls His people to special times of seeking His face with concerted effort and concentration.

We believe that this Daniel Fast is one of those moments in time when God has awakened Himself, and sounded a call to His people to seek His face, His heart, and His presence with concerted focus.  As we set our hearts to seeking Him, He will awaken us out of habits, and destructive behavior, and into the light of His presence.

This is a time for us as His people, and as a local church family, to consecrate our lives anew to Him and to His purposes in the earth.  So we want to encourage you to consider these 21 days of fasting as a kind of “turning the page” on this chapter of your life.  Regardless of how you consider this past chapter, either good or bad, it is time to turn the page and to look forward to the next chapter.

On the following page we would like you to write down your personal objectives for this time of prayer and fasting.  Be determined to go the entire way.  For if you will put your trust in the Lord, you will certainly not be disappointed.

May God bless you, as you seek to bless Him.


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