Theme for the week: His Presence Dwelling in Me

The name prophesied by the angel in regards to the Messiah was, Immanuel, God with us.  The desire of God, from the beginning of creation was to walk, talk, and live with man, His greatest creation.  How often we get bogged down with peripheral matters which seem good, but lead us away from this central truth: God want to make His presence dwell with you.


While the apostles were receiving revelation from God, which eventually composed the New Testament, the Temple in Jerusalem continued functioning in much the same way it had since the times of Solomon.  Yet Jesus spoke of the temple being destroyed; and after three He would raise it up again.  Paul spoke of our bodies being a temple of the Holy Spirit.  And later spoke of the church being the temple of God.  And all these references spoke of God’s ultimate desire: walk, talk, and live with man.

God wants to make His presence real in our lives.  Though we live IN this world, He wants us to be so filled with Him that heaven becomes more real in our mind than this world which surrounds us.

Where does God want to manifest His presence in your life?  How does He want you to live in His presence while at work, at home, and among your unsaved friends?  Take some time before we start this third and final week and write down your objectives.  Share them with a prayer partner.


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