Theme of the week: Make Right the Wrongs

The Feast of Atonement, or in Hebrew – Yom Kippour, was a day for national fasting in Israel.  And today it is considered the most sacred of days for the Jewish people.  Christ has become our Atonement; and so for those who are born-again we can live every day of the year in the light of this Biblical feast.

The true sense of the word to repent is to literally change one’s mind.  This implies that we change the way in which we view our sin, and we adopt God’s way of seeing it.  Because our view has changed our behavior follows.  And our behavior determines our lifestyle.

During this week we want to examine our thoughts, our actions, our words, and our reasons and motivations behind them all.  We want to ask God to not only show us where we are wrong, but we want Him to change the way we perceive things and the way we think about them.

If there are toxic thoughts, words and repetitive behavior that do not bring glory to God, we want God to shine the light of His truth on these things and bring grace to help us change.  We encourage you to write down as much as you can about what God is wanting to change in your life.


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