Thursday 13 September 2012

Romains 13:11 « And do this, understanding the present time: The hour has already come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. » NIV

You will have to forgive me for using the same text two days in a row.  It is so good, I thought it important to put it to you a second time and invite you to meditate on it.  Paul says, Do this — understand the time.

I think one of the greatest weaknesses in the church community world-wide is that we just simply do not understand the times in which we live.  We think that we can continue doing what we’ve been doing for the past centuries, knowing full well that it hasn’t been working very well.

There is a spiritual and moral war coming for which most Christians are horribly unprepared.  We haven’t gotten to the point where God will have to wait for another generation to arise.  But we cannot delay any longer, my friend.  We must recognize our times, and we must wake up!

There are things in your life and in mine that are hindering the Holy Spirit from using us to the fullest extent.  STOP IT!  There are thought patterns, attitudes, concerns and desires that do not glorify our Jesus, nor further His plans in the earth. CUT IT OUT!

Wake up, oh sleeper.  It is time to seek the Lord.


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