Thursday 9 October 2014

Transformation begins with an experience in God, but it is far more than just an experience.  Transformation is a lifestyle.  It begins the moment you are born again, and become a child of God.  But then it continues until the day you leave this earth and see God face to face. (See 1 John 3:2)

It is part of the human condition to expect the maximum but only give the minimum.
We want to know how much something will cost; when do we need to pay, is this the best price possible; can you give me a discount?  It is part of the adamic nature that still cries out deep within our soul.  We want it all, and want to pay nothing for it.

Aren’t you glad that Jesus didn’t seek to give the minimum when He willingly went to the cross on your behalf? Can you imagine how you would feel if Jesus, when hanging on the cross, looked through the corridors of time and saw you and said, “Um, on second thought, let’s go for the discount.”  What kind of message would that send to you?

Why then do we do the same with our Heavenly Father?  Why is it that we always try to re-negotiate the terms of our surrender to Him?  Every time we seek to lower the cost of obedience we cheapen the value of the cross.

God wants to change you.  And He doesn’t want the process to stop. EVER!! The verbs of Jesus are everlasting: come to Me, follow Me, believe in Me, run after Me, obey Me.  These are words that are continual, constant, never changing, never resting, never ceasing.  Heaven is built on these words, and everything in God’s kingdom operates on them.

In Psalm 51 David prayed to God saying, “Uphold me.”  This word literally means “to prop up.”  It can also mean, to take hold of, or to lean upon.  Just as a crippled man must use a stick to prop himself up, so too, when we have come truly face to face with just how wicked our hearts are, we must find that place in God where He, and He alone, becomes that which props us up.

This is what David asked for.  “Uphold me,” he prayed.  But not just for today.  Uphold me, support me, give me strength, every day until my last day.

The transforming work that God has begun, He is intensely committed to completing it for His glory and His purposes in the earth. And it is here we must keep our faith and our confidence.  He will be our ever-present help in times of need.  He will be at our side when we are faced with renewed temptations.  He will stretch out His powerful hand to save us and heal us.  And should we fall again, He will be there to lift us up.


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