Sunday, 17 September

Sunday, 17 September 2017 – Seize your destiny, be a worshipper

John 4:23-24  But the time is coming, and is even now here, when the true worshippers will give worship to the Father in the true way of the spirit, for these are the worshippers desired by the Father. God is Spirit: then let his worshippers give him worship in the true way of the spirit.

To say it succinctly, our ultimate destiny is to please our Heavenly Father. The above verse reveals that one thing in particular touches the heart of God: our worship. Not only on Sunday mornings, but the sweet fragrance that arises from our hearts at every moment: when we wake up, in traffic jams, waiting in line, during lunch break, before falling asleep at night, etc. Even if not every Christian is called to be a worship leader, every Christian is called to praise and worship God. How can we define worship? Very simply put, “the immediate response of one’s entire being (body, soul and spirit) which manifests a loving appreciation and admiration of God and his attributes.” In other words, worship is our ALL that loves ALL that God does and ALL that God is!

Worshipping God does not mean just singing. The first time the word “worship” appears in the Bible is in Genesis 22:5 – “Abraham said to his servants : ‘ Remain here with the donkey; and I and the boy will go onwards and worship, and then come back again to you.” In this passage, Abraham didn’t go up with his guitar to sing to God. He left to offer to the Lord the most precious thing he owned: the son promised to him by the Almighty!

What do you possess that means the whole world to you? Your family? Your comfort? Your reputation? Your ministry? Imagine if the Lord asked you to renounce these things, and lay them on the altar…even if He was the One who gave them to you in the first pace! Perhaps you are currently living a dream…or enter into some promise from God…and suddenly you hear that still, small voice asking « Would you sacrifice this thing to me, out of love? Will you trust me » ?

Worship that is expressed mechanically, religiously, or half-heartedly doesn’t really touch the heart of God. But the decision to give Him something that costs us everything moves Him. King David understood this. When he was required to make a sacrifice to the Lord, someone offered him the oxen and wagons for free. David’s response reveals his worshipper’s heart : “I will not give unto the Lord, my God, a sacrifice that costs me nothing. (See 2 Sam 24:19-25) Take time, during this period of fasting, to target your attitudes in regards to sacrifices, and especially your worship lifestyle, which is so much a part of your destiny.


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