Tuesday, 4 September

1 Cor. 6:12 and 17 – “All things are lawful for me, but not all things are useful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be dominated by anything. 17 But he who is joined to the Lord becomes one spirit with him.”

The Daniel Fast is always an opportunity to take stock of our personal lives before God. As time passes and we are exposed to the things of this world, useless things can accumulate, in our hearts as in our homes. God seeks to make of ourselves, and consequently our house, His habitation. Have we made enough room for His presence? Have we expelled carnal things to replace them with prayer, worship, and the proclamation of His living word? 

There are some tips to remember if we want to build the atmosphere of heaven:

Nothing is NEUTRAL. Everything contributes to either evil or good. It is time to do an inventory. The things we have neglected in the past should no longer be neglected if we want to build the atmosphere of heaven.

Now is the time to examine everything we let into our « house »: our hearts and our homes! Let’s be aware of tangible things as well as intangible things. For example, if a smoker comes to my house, I kindly ask him to take his cigarette outside. I can do the same with my toxic attitudes. If a fly arrives at my place, I look for the fly swatter! I can do the same with my unhealthy thoughts.

If we let the Holy Spirit guide us, we will be able to “sweep clean » our hearts and the atmosphere of our homes all « pollution » and replace those elements that are pleasing to God and to others. Maybe there are some books or DVDs to throw in the trash? Do not be surprised if the Lord indicates certain tangible objects, but especially certain reactions. He wants to replace them with the mentality of the kingdom of God.

Atmosphere depends on the elements present and elements absent. It’s up to us to watch what we let in, and what we have to remove. The effects on our soul and on our families will be measurable! By the sanctification of our hearts and our homes, the atmosphere heaven will feel welcome.

Prayer topics:

– Ask God to reveal to you everything that can prevent the atmosphere of heaven from settling in your home.

– Repent of any compromise, covetousness of the eyes or flesh, and pride.

– Receive the grace of God to live in an environment of faith and holiness.

Kathryn Baxter


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