Tuesday, 18 September

Psalm 26:8 – “O Lord, I love the habitation of your house and the place where your glory dwells.”

In July 1995, Bon Berger settled into 215 avenue du Président Wilson, and we have been renting these facilities for more than 23 years! For the last few years, we have dreamed of buying the building and transforming it into an activity center of 4 or 5 storeys with a major section reserved for the church and its various ministries.

In this vision, we wish to develop more rooms for Children’s Ministry, a professional day-nursery, a social grocery store, a Christian school (in cooperation with the ADMUE), a place for young entrepreneurs to get started, apartments, a cafeteria, a bookstore, a reception area…and more.

After several consultations, notably with the Protestant Foundation, architects and specialists, it because clear that above and and beyond the enormous expense, that our first challenge would be to acquire the building. Nevertheless, the vision remains in our hearts and we are in faith that it will come to pass in the coming years. 

At the present time, we have sent to the owners a proposal of 900 000 € and we are awaiting their response. Through this bid, we are seeking to keep this place of worship in La Plaine Saint-Denis, where the Lord led us 23 years ago, well placed and so close to Paris. This project is carried by our entire church, shared by all its generations: initiated by one and probably pursued by the next.

Now is the time for us to believe together and mobilize in order to apprehend this land so that it will forever be engraved as a place for God. We look forward to seeing more miracles promised by God for this building.

By becoming owners, we will be able to achieve the renovations we dream of, to make the building more functional, more attractive, and more welcoming. A new era will begin!

My friends, the time has come for us to “arise and build”, even in a very concrete sense.

Prayer points: 

Pray for the favor and divine intervention of God for this project, especially:

– Wisdom, strategy, and relevance for the progress of this bid

– Openness on the part of the owners regarding the amount of the purchase

– The financing (church contributions + a building campaign + a bank loan)

Philippe GABLIN


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