Saturday, 22 September

Acts 2:46: – “Every day they continued to meet together in the temple. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts.”

In this passage, we see Christians who are supportive of one another, happy to be together, and aware of their part in accomplishing the vision. Despite their diversity and their number, they were united: with one mind and one heart, regenerated in Christ-Jesus.

Our commitment to the universal Church comes into effect only after our genuine conversion to the Lord Jesus. The following step, which comes out of a desire to please Him, is water baptism, a sign of our commitment before God, before heavenly authorities, and before man. From that point on, we become a living stone ready to be added to a local church.

The next step is to ask about becoming a member of the church where the Lord has led us. Coming to a service every Sunday is in and of itself insufficient for a true member of a church family. Membership also means supporting the vision of the local church as the believers did in Acts 2:42-47, and understanding how that particular church functions. Then meeting the church leaders, discussing with them, and informing them of our desire to belong to the congregation is the next thing to do. 

Commitment as a member means contributing to the good health of the church family, participating in its works, and sharing the responsibility for its well-being.  So if you are reading these lines during this period of fasting, ask yourself 3 questions and allow the Lord to examine your heart: 

  • Why am I in this local church?  Have I found my place here? Pray and ask the Lord to speak to you, to show you hat He expects of you. Commit yourself entirely to Him and to His will, and give Him the reins of your life.
  • Do I approach others in church easily, or do I wait until someone comes to speak to me?
  • If I am convinced that I belong here, in what area of service should I invest, so that I can enjoy participating in the vision of this church?

Brothers and sisters, let’s be aware that our commitment in the Body of Christ through membership in a local church is simply a reflection of eternal life that we will enjoy with our Lord, according to John 14:2.



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