Sunday September 8

Are you completely satisfied with where you are in life?  Do you want to grow, move on, get beyond the wall, or go to the next level in your life?  Do you want to destroy any love of comfort, mediocrity and compromise in your attitudes and lifestyle?  Do want to begin today to live the kind of life that, once ended, earns from the Father in heaven the statement: « Well done, good and faithful servant.  Enter into the joy of your Master »?

If you don’t really know the answers to these questions, then you will probably not get a lot out of this year’s Daniel Fast.  That is because God is going to use these three weeks to put us all on a fast track of personal growth and grace development. He is going to meet us, speak to us, encourage us, change us, and even correct us. He is going to put a turbo charge on the engine of our faith and propel us into this next year.

There is so much about you that the Father truly loves. You have won some impressive victories in your life, and these should all be celebrated.  Whether you feel like it or not, you are truly a champion of the Lord.  But mediocrity gathers like dust on things that are not moving.  And it is time for us to move forward.  You see, there are things in our souls that the Father doesn’t like.  There are things in our lives that we have tolerated which rob us from the full potential of the Holy Spirit.  And it is time for these things to change.

I believe with all of my heart that if you will put everything you have into seeking God during this Daniel Fast, then God will respond to you.  And by this time next year, you won’t believe the progress you have made.

We all have to deal constantly with disappointment, failure, lack, frustration, and the constant opposition of those who doubt everything we are called to do and be.  And those are only the external battles.  We also have to battle with our own feelings of fear, insufficiency, self-doubt, and all of their toxic cousins.  But today God is giving us a choice to make.  Either we can give these negative influences the power to keep us where we are; or we can decide to overcome these things by the power that comes from heaven.  The choice is ours to make.  And God will not make the decision for you.

The day has come for you to own this decision.  You are not a victim of destiny.  God designs it.  But He calls you to build it.  And now is the time to jump in with all your heart and soul.  Do this fast; and do it with all your heart.

Take a moment and write down on the following lines three things that you are believing God to change in the area of your character, your attitudes, your habits and your mindsets.  You will have many opportunities during these three weeks to come to this list and modify it.  Remember, faith needs a target.  The clearer and bigger you make the target, the easier it is for your faith to aim at it.


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