Prepare with discipline!

« No soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuits, since his aim is to please the one who enlisted him. An athlete is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules. » 2 Timothy 2:4-5

To live a disciplined life is to realize, like a soldier, that the success of the mission on the battlefield depends in large part on the seriousness and the discipline he imposes on himself every day, to acquire, strength, technique, endurance, intelligence, wisdom and the ability to wield the offensive and defensive weapons that form part of its arsenal. The Lord calls us to grow in faith, but without a disciplined life, which takes care of and makes fruitful all that God has given us (spirit, soul, body, family, gifts, talents …), it is an impossible mission.

Recently I watched a documentary on the selection and training of special forces in our country. There was a first 3-week training course that was very difficult and very trying for the body, but especially for the mind. Every day, one or more trainees dropped out, to the point that after 3 weeks, only 1⁄4 of the young recruits had remained and were selected to be part of this elite unit (which is sent around the world for special operations and sensitive assignments.)

God also has His elite unit of men and women who don’t make a fuss about their own lives, but who are ready to go wherever God sends them: to free the captives, open the eyes of the blind, and accomplish all the works that God has prepared in advance for those who love him and who are ready to never give up the mission, whatever the price.

Paul’s words inspire us: « I do not consider my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God. » His sole purpose was to please the One who called and enlisted him to manifest the kingdom of God and be a light all over the world. May it be so for each and every one of us.

ACTION POINT: Identify areas today where you need to restore discipline in your life. Then set a concrete goal for each (for example, assign a specific time)

PRAYER TARGET: « Father, I want to be one of those disciples in whom you take pleasure and on whom you can count, anywhere and anytime, bearing fruit which glorifies the Name of Jesus. Holy Spirit, transform me and help me to be a disciplined and constant person so that I may be this vessel useful for all the good works You prepared before the foundation of the world. Amen. »


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