Why be together?

The Lord God said, « It is not good for man to be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him. » Genesis 2:18

The first time that God made the statement: « it is not good », it concerned the solitude of man. This is simply because God created Man in His image, a being who needs to maintain relationships with his fellow men. The two most important commandments according to Jesus speak of an INDISPENSABLE loving relationship with God, and with our neighbor.

There is a common thread throughout the Bible as to how God views relationships among His people. He founded the people of Israel out of the 12 tribes from the 12 sons of Jacob. In the desert after leaving Egypt, these people had grown so numerous that Moses could no longer manage the day- to-day affairs on his own. On the advice of his father-in-law, he organized the people into groups of a thousand, a hundred, fifty, and ten so that each could receive guidance and direction for his life. At that point the social and spiritual organization became easier to manage.

From the very start of His ministry, Jesus set an example of the basic structure of the relationship between His disciples: He chose a group of 12 men with whom he would live practically continuously for 3 years until His death. He could’ve just been the Teacher, but no, He chose to demonstrate that type of relationship.

There is great strength in being together. The proof: One pursues a thousand and two put ten thousand to flight! (Deuteronomy 32:30). What a multiplication of power when two come together for a common goal! This is exactly what Jesus tells us: If two or three agree on earth to ask the Father for anything, it will be granted to them by the Father in heaven. For Jesus is present as soon as two or three gather in His Name (Matthew 18:19-20). And all the more so when you’re a group!

Through these truths, we see that the devil has a vested interest in us remaining isolated, away from others, especially when difficulties and challenges become too much to face alone. He convinces us that others will not understand, that they will judge us or reject us. LIES! To the contrary, now is the time to get closer to others to be supported during this difficult time.

ACTION POINT: Don’t stay alone in your corner. Fellowship is indispensable. Set aside shyness and prejudice and start making contact with others. Your church directory is a good tool for locating and contacting Christians who live in your region.

PRAYER TARGET: Ask the Lord to lead you to those divine connections He has prepared for you, and to make you a functioning part of His Body so that you can reach your full potential and benefit others as well.


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