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Robert & Kathryn Baxter

Portrait_AGU-0226 - vintage.jpgEver since they met, Robert and Kathryn knew they were destined to be together and start a new work of God in Paris, France.

Robert and Kathryn started their ministry in France in the early 1990s, by starting the Good Shepherd (« Bon Berger ») church. Robert and Kathryn also helped to establish a network of churches in Europe called the Horizon Family of Churches during the 1990’s.  The Horizon Family Network of churches and ministries was formally established in 2005 and Robert has served as its primary leader until the summer of 2017.  The official federation of Horizon churches was admitted into the Protestant Federation of France in 2014.

The Baxters also helped establish over 10 churches in France, and numerous churches across Western Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa. Their non-local work is more and more consisting in being speakers and consultants for churches.

The Baxter’s founded a discipleship school in 2001, a worship school in 2005, and a pastors training school in 2009. These three schools recently merged and became CFH, « Centre de Formation Horizon » (Horizon Training Center). Their vision for the future is mainly to contribute in establishing a christian school, an evangelism school, a language school and a missionary training center.

Robert and Kathryn have a true heart for God and His Church. They are determined, passionate and faithful people, who have dedicated their whole lives to advancing the kingdom of God in France, in the french-speaking world, and in all the earth.

Learn more about their ministry and recent news by clicking here.


Bon Berger

photo.jpgThe church, Christian Assembly of the Good Shepherd, or simply Good Shepherd (which in French is « Bon Berger »), is a charismatic evangelical church in the Paris suburbs.  It was established by Robert and kathryn Baxter in January 1991 and has become one of the most respected churches in the Paris area. Good Shepherd often participates in various inter-church events in the Paris area, such as the March for Jesus, The Call, Paris on Fire, EQUIP, and other conferences and seminars.

To learn more about the church, check out the website and Youtube channel (on which you’ll be able to find the bilingual services livestream).

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